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May 2, 2010

Fragonard's Swinging Lady

Here she come the swinging lady which appears in the painting of the 18th century ‎French Rococo artist, Fragonard Jean Honoré (1732-1806). This oil painting is dated to 1767 and ‎shows Baron de Saint Julien and his mistress. The scene takes place in a dense garden ‎with a swing just in the middle and another man pushing the swing.‎
The game of swinging was very popular between the aristocracy youth and it ‎described the theme of love and the rising tide of passion. The scene is accompanied ‎by sculptural cupids which enhance the theme of love. Furthermore the location of the ‎Baron, in the left corner of the painting, and his pose: half lying while rising his hand ‎diagonally while holding his hat and pointing toward his mistress peeking under her ‎pink dress. That is the erotic manner of the Rococo art.‎
Overall the painting holds the point of view of the French Rococo, which was ‎charactrized by eroticism, joy of life, hedonism and the aristocracy courtship.
‎Fragonard caught the subject in a perfect manner due to his use in some strong ‎symbols, like the cupids and the swing to depict the theme of love and courtship ‎which
is suitable to the era.
Fragonard, The Swing, Oil on Canvas, Wallace Collection, London. ‎

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  1. I love rococo, it is so romantic art, but my favorite is SALVADOR DALI. For ever...