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Oct 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Maurice Savin!

Maurice was a French artist born on October 17th 1894 at Moras-en-Valloire, south-eastern France. He was a painter, ceramicist and tapestry maker. 
Maurice Savin
His father was a doctor in Valence, though Maurice wasn't much interested in medicine studies.

His real passion was for the Arts, so immediately after he was graduated, in 1913, he enrolled to the School of Decorative Arts. Unfortunately a year later, 1914, World War I began and he was drafted.
Maurice wounded twice at the war and received the Croix de Guerre (cross of war) which was an award given to those soldiers that were involved in a heroic deed. 
After he returned from the war he began working for several magazines and journals as the Sourir, La Baionnele and Le Rire, as an illustrator and caricaturist.

His first exhibition was in 1921 and in 1924 he was a member of the Salon d'Automne, where he started to exhibit regularly. 

In 1927 he married Simone Gaudioz, whom was known for her strong character. Simone was very supportive to Maurice and he was influenced in his art by her.
In 1933 he began working in ceramics and created a mural in 1936 for the city hall of Montelimar.

In 1941 he begun to create tapestry using natural colors and hand spun wool.

In 1948 he becomes a member of the Legion of Honour, visiting Egypt and exhibiting in Alexandria.

Start of Hunt, tapestry
During these years Maurice experienced with different techniques  like etching, decorative art and lithography. Maurice liked to try it all, he was very gifted and challenged him self with many techniques. Yet he was always painting while trying some other techniques.
Maurice won few luxurious prizes as a gratitude to his work, one of them was the prize of the Wildenstein Institute in 1967.
In 1973 he died in Paris.
Armand Lanoux (French writer) says on the work of Maurice: 
"Savin's oeuvre is rich. It comprises about 2,500 paintings, 34 finished tapestries, more than 300 pieces of ceramics, 100 gravures and litographs, 9 medals and some leaded glass windows"