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Jan 10, 2011

Thought of the day

Another day of art thoughts.... what's that?? I'm not really sure, but I think that means ‎that I have worked today on too many things that aren't connected with art. ‎
Unfortunately I've postponed my curatorial project of the day:) in order to make some ‎urgent office work:) how's that happened to me? that's what I've asked myself today ‎and shockingly I'm not really sure or maybe that's the so close but yet sooo far ‎syndrome, you know that feeling that you're given the opportunity you've waited for ‎so long and than when you get it you're stuck, because you're so afraid of loosing ‎your one time opportunity!!! or maybe that's PREFECIONISM.‎

Well today was my last day as an office worker, for me, my boss don't know that ‎yet:) and tomorrow will be my first day as a project manager, that means that ‎tomorrow I'm going to show my boss that I can do much more and also my ‎presentation, so he would also see my potential:) ‎
and maybe I'm too influenced by those Robin Sharma books....‎

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