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Jan 10, 2011

Haruki Murakami – Underground

I have read it last year and I enjoyed it. The book is about the terror attack that took ‎place on March 1995 by the Aum - Shinrikyo members which released Sarin in the ‎Tokyo subway trains, killing and seriously injuring. Some estimates claim as many as ‎‎5,000 people were injured by the Sarin attack. ‎

Well the story is sad and terrified, but the book is well written, Murakami succeeded, ‎in my opinion, to catch the story of both the victims and the cult of Shoko Asahara.‎
When I have started the book I automatically thought that Murakami will describe the ‎story mostly from the victims eyes, but he chose in a manner that will represent the ‎story from the whole, I mean as close to the people that were involve with it.‎

So in a few words I really recommend on this book and if you are a student of ‎Japanese culture I think it will be very interesting for you, because Murakami writes a ‎lot on the aspects of Japanese culture and disscuss on their ways of dealing with such ‎a terror by Japanese in Japan. ‎
‎ ‎

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