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Jan 11, 2011

After Dark - Haruki Murakami

Another novel by Murakami, which is my favorite writer, that doesn't really ends...
This novel published in 2004 and I have just read it. The book is divided by the hours of one night, which takes place in Tokyo.
The main characters are Mari, a 19 years old student who seating in a diner and reading a book. The second one is Takahashi a trombone player in a jazz band who recognizing Mari as Eri's sister, which is at their parents home sleeping....
Takahashi and Mari are spending some time together and letting know each other.
Mari is studying Chinese and that information is passed by Takahashi to his friend, which retired from the female boxing world and now manages a Love Hotel. That special lady comes to the diner to Mari after a Chinese prostitute has been beaten inside the hotel room.
The reality of the story is very mixed with the dream world, the line between what is here and now is fading very fast...

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  1. the story is a beat strange and I didn't quite get it, but surprisengly I couldn't leave the book because it was intersting and diffrent.