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Feb 7, 2011

Valentine's day – The Vow to Love by Fragonard and Ideas for Valentine's day gifts

Fragonard Jean Honoré, The Vow to Love, c. 1780, Oil on canvas, 52×63 cm, Private collection.‎

Valentine's day is coming... and here is a painting that popped into my mind "The Vow to Love" what a ‎strong painting with dynamic lines and a fall into desire. Here you can see a statue of a blindfolded ‎Amour (son of Venus) from your right and a young woman throwing her self, transported by ‎desire with her eyes closed and dramatically raising her left arm towards her head which ‎express her fall into desire. ‎
The scene takes place in a dense garden which extenuate the magical intimate moment ‎between the woman and Amour. The woman is emphasize with light and her dress is flown ‎and full with folds. From the left side behind there is a cupid on a wooden log like the woman on the statue.‎

What can describe the feeling of falling in love better than Fragonard's "The Vow to Love". ‎Love is blind and the passion is so strong that you can not see a thing, you are "throwing" your ‎self to your love driven by your passion and desire.‎

If you found your one or wish to court here are some gift ideas to that special day:‎‏

‎1.‎ A bouquet of red/orange (or both) flowers – the colours of passion. ‎
‎2.‎ Box of chocolates – I know that the flowers and chocolates are not unique, but you ‎can not ever get wrong with them, after all they are classic gifts. ‎
‎3.‎ A watch with dedication behind of some words of love from a poem, from your first ‎date etc.‎
‎4.‎ A romantic dinner that you have cooked and it does not mean that you have to cook ‎something complicate, it is better to cook something simple like a nice pasta, oven ‎cooked chicken anything that you do well and of course a bottle of wine and desert.‎
‎5.‎ Printed sheets of your favorite picture together or a customize picture with your ‎faces.‎
‎6.‎ Take the weekend off and travel together to a place you love.‎
In the end it doesn't really matter what the present is, the important thing is the thought!!! ‎

Happy Valentine's day for you all
‎ ‎

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